Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum Coupons

The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, was built in stages between the years of 1858 and 1881. The building was designed by architect Richard Andrews and contained long wings arranged in a staggered formation so that each of the connecting structures received plenty of sunlight and fresh air. The original hospital opened with a capacity of 250 and grew to house over 2,400 patients in the 1950s. The hospital at that time was overcrowded and the living conditions were generally poor for the patients. Changes in the treatment of mental illness and deterioration of the facility forced its closure as a treatment center in 1994 .

Allow a minimum of 1 hour to tour.

Location: 71 Asylum Drive, Weston, WV 26452

Hours: Current museum hours and tour information is listed here.

Admission: There are various tours and prices offered. More complete information is available on their website.

Discount Offers:

  • COUPON – The attraction often has discount coupons available at GoMarts statewide.